Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts

Music by: Gordy Malis
Lyrics by: Greg Malis
Video Editing by: James Yule
Videographers: Pat Mongoven, Chuck Moss, Oral User, Tom Seigel
Audio: Kurt Festge, B. Rich, Jack Reid
Produced by: Cheryl Ross Mitchell - Gum Tree Productions
Look for the feature-length Documentary: "I Saw the Children Gather"
Coming soon!

1954 - PRESENT

"Welcome Harand Camp Alumni: Thanks for returning.
To so many of us this special time and place in our lives
has shaped who we've become. While camp meant something
different and unique to each and every one of us, we've tried
to carry a few common threads through this website. Please
take a few minutes to browse through, and remember your
special time here. Then be sure to friend us on Facebook
and reconnect with the people there. You may also read our
old Guestbook to find numerous stories of rediscovered
relationships and memories that we hope you'll enjoy. We've
worked hard to keep Harand Camp a lifelong institution for our
family and friends . . . and we're glad that you're back.

the Harand family

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